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Kim Jong Il's appearance, discussion numero 2

The thing i like about Kim Jong Il's appearance is that it is at least very different from everyone elses. I'm sure no one in North Korea will ever have to ask " say who's that little midget in the wide angled glasses and the khaki windbreaker?" And then there is his signature hairstyle, which looks like it has been dipped into crap and stiffed up in high peaks. Here is a side look of it.

Furthermore, there are his platform shoes which he wears during his meetings or when he wants to go on a roller coaster(another past time activity of his) but this is all very understandable since he is only 5'2". And thats all i can comment about his appearance for now. So here is the question... what do you like about Kim Jong Il's appearance?

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i like his increasing amount of old person Liver Spots on his head. those are comical, and practical in an everyday soceity.
How can they be practical in everyday society?lol
how is being Dutch practical?
we're good at building dykes